By: Sean Webb

Our foster children have saved three
balloons that resemble bloated organs
with flagging resolves against rupturing.

We don't know how long to save them,
piled by the stairs, in a corner 
of the kitchen, between a tin of dog

food, and a broken toy vacuum
cleaner needing a new light bulb
small as a frog's eyeball.

Copyright 1997 Sean Webb

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Accidental Suicide

By: Brandon C. Carpenter

Pack up your scars	snap shut your fears
Latch down your pain	collect all the blame
Tell them the truth		you don't know why
Its got you down		and sinking fast

Shoot down blue skies	chase the gray days
Spit out stardust		douse comet trails
Light years before		your spark lit up
Your twilight house		shut its third eye

One for the road		down the dark streets
In your hot machine	saintly swerving so
Horsepower metal		top open end
Free ride nightmare	wrap around scream 

Copyright 1998 Brandon C. Carpenter

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