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Dragon Rain

By: Al Kelly

if i could show you this
       fingerprint impressions
       of these depressions in me
 this portrait, so tidal
 catastrophic when it rains
if you could take me in
       you would never wear that perfume 
       on your breath again
if you could touch this divinity
 these tears, fury by nature
 would scorch your heathen hand
if you could brush them away

Copyright 1998 Al Kelly

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By: Ron Watson

A note to let you know
I still exist
still find you irresistible
still think of you in ways
that make me blush 
still miss the nearness of your smile
the rightness of your touch
still recall the shade of your eyes
the sound of your voice
your whole attitude of grace
still see when I close my eyes
your feet walking by themselves
still wonder what kind of God 
made this kind of love
this kind of man
this kind of woman
this kind of world
this kind of life
still believe in spite of everything
that love outlives us all
still believe in you

Copyright 1997 Ron Watson



By: Jim Hicks

I dont require much more than a simple life
I just want my home, my dog, my wife
I don't require a lot of ceremony
'cause to me that just seems so phony

Take me to spring time, carry me far
give me my hat and my bike and I'm off
and I dont undertsand why you think I'm loosing
'cause i feel fine

Copyright 1998 Jim Hicks

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Capturing The Magic

By: Linda Hays

  I wonder silently
  as I wander slowly
  through this life
  that was mine
  and yours
  and ours together
  and now mine alone again.

  Our time was fleeting
  as I look at the whole picture
  of life that is
  behind me,
  beside me,
  ahead of me.

  We tried hard
  to capture the magic,
  not each and every time,
  but more times than not,
  and we succeeded
  even in our failures
  to realize
  it was our trying
  that mattered most.

Copyright 1997 Linda Hays

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One Night With You in July

By: L.M. Cunningham

Like a lesser-known
brand name,
I'm always proving myself.
Stalking the 
Hot enough to 
melt cotton
candy lights
apples on the 
Ferris wheel
When the star
is shot out,
when the tickets
add up to one small prize
The years I spent with you
were magnificent.
We put it together.
Paper dolls.

Copyright 1997 L.M. Cunningham

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By: Larry Stephens

An endless stretch of highway,
splitting the night with a crack,

exploding within our imagination
with the impact of a stone
skipped along a lake,
breaking in, then just as quickly,
slipping back 
out again. 

Sunlit trees stretching across a
vast countryside, you and I gliding
within them. Believing in all the childhood
promises we were told,
not wanting to let go of the hopes and dreams
we had when we were young.

Maybe my love, if we keep looking ahead and
never look back, we can keep our dreams,
these dreams that keep us warm on December nights,
these dreams that others would like to take away
from us because they believe them to be foolish.

We will not let them take our precious dreams
away, we have quenched our thirst from the 
fountain of youth, we will be forever young.

Copyright 1997 Larry Stephens

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The Stronger Ego

By: L.R. Powell

If she takes me,
she can make me
almost anything she
wishes me to be.

If she takes me...
she can break me,
but she won't.
She only tastes
what she thinks
that I can be.

So I let her.
Damn I love her.
But someday
I'll walk away
and leave her asking,
"where's the one
who belongs to me?".

Copyright 1997 L.R. Powell

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Delivery On Balcony

By: Patty Mooney

Valentine's Day
theatre balcony
threshold to somewhere
I don't know.
Show's about to start:
"Pandora's Box."
Long to look
in but I am a bit
singer, plot
does not involve me, yet
still find pleasure
to be here now
ironic theme
of today's play.  I grin
at Video Man who sees
all, his painstaking
vantage, tripod tall,
proud, camera's eye
filled with all the world.
He smiles, an insatiable
nova blistering through
darkness so
so sure of self
love at first sight.
Me, not yet.
Conservative in hetero
motion, cautious, wary
acknowledge he's nice
not my tall, dark father
unattainable standard.
Something intriguing
about this Video Man
he's nice.  I trade
cards, so jaded by waiting
list of men who need
me, keeps me from feeling
flint-spark of this man
I will marry.

Valentine's Day
theatre balcony
Pandora's Box
peeps open, light seeps
out, love at first sight
he sees immediately while
I pretend to need more
time, still our fate is
sealed.  Inside the box, pulses
metronomic heartbeat
box cannot contain, pops
lid off
my safe and lonesome
life explodes.  We clasp hands:
I see myself deep
in his eyes,
my eyes, his eyes,
my eyes, his: a naked
view of universe,
he and me in it.

Copyright 1997 Patty Mooney

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Cocoon Palace

By: K.R.S. Murthy

MY love blossom
seducing with its honey dipped lips
is hosting your beatitude bee
with rainbow wings,
spinning the shiny silky thread
of your love digest
reeling around me,
architecting a cocoon palace.

No one can see the world within,
our secret ecstatic world
built with the bricks of imagination
Just my fantasy
incarnating as an artist
picturing the cocoon palace
in my mind palette.

Copyright 1997 K.R.S. Murthy

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By: L.R. Powell

I write the words of long ago,
but can't you understand?
That's where my life began
and also ended,
or so I thought.

Flower child of the 'Frisco coast,
I knew all there was to know.
Now I find I'm just a ghost 
of the one who was
so very sad.

I've learned the lessons taught
though no one had to teach.
I found them on the beach
where souls are tossed
for backward glancing. 

Now they sadly bring to me 
memories that I would lose,
if I could only choose
to let this woman go
but she haunts me.

Copyright 1988 L.R. Powell
Originally appeared in Echoes From The Heart, An Anthology

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Magic Forest

By: Bob Hamilton

My thoughts of you are never ending
Take me in your arms  lead me as only you can
To a secret place warm with the sun
Under a canopy in your magic Forest
Green with a moss-laden floor
Where only lovers lay
Let us run and play  to hide
Only to seek each other out again
To embrace and kiss and share
The love in our eyes that speaks to our souls
To slumber in our love, hearts as one
Under a cascade of rays filtered
Through our Forest umbrella
To play again another magic day
that leads us into forever.

Copyright 1997 Bob Hamilton

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Despite Our Differences

By: Mike Rosenberg

Where will you be 

At the dawn of the end?
Will you run from the crowds
To some private sands
Clutching for a permanence
Pouring from your hands?

Where will we be 
When that time arrives?
Will we pass alone,
Solitary travellers in abandoned realms,
Or embrace,
And leave this world as one?

Copyright 1997 Mike Rosenberg

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