Last Night I Sat

listening to the rain as it fell,
loosely, out of the sky,
landing plumply, making
pockmarks on the lake's dark skin.
Drinking cold beer out of
long necked bottles, absorbing
everything.  I couldn't
get the thought of your
impatient lips
out of my mind.
Soft, like a sponge,
to the point of distraction.
the sun will rise.
the sun will rise
shiny like a coin
and beat back the sky.
It will be radiant,
waking to it.  My world
will open like a flower
or a pair of legs.  Love
is your absent, storm-swept eyes.
The lake rushes in,
overturns the stones.
The lake rushes in,
overturns the stones
that pimple the shore.
My heart re-aligns.
So much for conviction.
Rivers will always empty.
Stars will forever fade.
The wind, for once,
will hold gallantly still
Your smile, may or may not
cross the periphery of my mind.
Marriages will change,
on impact, like the weather.
Last night I sat
listening to the rain.

 Lisa Zaran


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