Love Gone Crazy

i am living
in an apartment
on the corner of
Camelback Road
and 19th avenue.
my parents are getting divorced.
my mother plans on getting remarried 
to one of the inmates she met 
at the County jail where she works
as a nurse.  i don't
know why except he seems nice.
different.  4 example, he's from Mexico.
has tattoos.  above one nipple it says
sweet,  sour above the other.
i would have to ask my mother
whether or not that's true.
my mother said that love doesn't
always work out the way it's supposed to.
she calls it:  love gone crazy,
when everything just disconnects.
love is impatient, she told me.
love is tired.  love is drifting, like anything.
i watched out the car window as we left,
at my father as he stood, growing smaller
until he wasn't.
i used to love to watch the scenery
as it passed, now i just look to the road
ahead.  at least it's going somewhere,
love isn't.

 Lisa Zaran


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