Musing Marvels 2001


Duane Locke


This night
Is as calm
As a fly
Washing his face. 
The night
Has large
Gobular eyes
As does the fly. 
The night has 
Pearly, translucent wings
As does the fly. 
The night 
Is a fly,
The night sits
On the back of my hand.

Copyright 2001 Duane Locke


Rich Furman

Tequilla and Sadness  

Waking up with gravel 
Like insane makeup caked to the face
Nights that spin over the edge 
And out of control

On a rooftop in Tijuana
Foot over the ledge
Ballerina dance towards the end of time
The eyes gawk hazy unfocused dizzy
The cars bellow taco stands
Catch me when I jump
Holy wanting nothingness

Sixteen dollars in the pocket
Enough for tacos beer
The ride home.

Copyright 2001 Rich Furman


Doug Tanoury

The Wedding Poem
(For Terra)  

Time upon a once I do now recall 
In memory rich with childhood wonder 
The fairy tales read at bedtime
And prayers said at her bedside
Now I lay me down to rest
I hope your dreams are just the best 

Heaven and hell are chambers of the heart
For when I am dead I will spend eternity
Strolling through summer afternoons
A little hand in mine as we walk
And talk quite casually of birds and trees 
And bumblebees burrowing deep in blossoms 

Awakening to absence that is her finding 
The fullness of a wonderful womanhood 
That is her finding now the meaning of mature love
And living her days in a happy place of her own making
That is crafted by her own choices and
Sustained by her own hands 

I sing now no more in half whispers
My tenor rising just above the organ notes
The Kyrie and Agnus Dei 
The Sanctus and Benedictus
My prayers of happiness are sung
For Latin is the language of heartfelt love 

Walk once more with me down the nave
Toward the altar of this country church
Awash in the color of stained-glass light
My chest that rises and falls with each breath
Is a warehouse of fervent worship
As I walk with her toward her life

Copyright 2001 Doug Tanoury


A Little Poetry