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And Earth Stops

By: Crystal Keeley

The storm clouds gather, dark and black on the horizon
 Moving quickly, spitting hail and lightning
And Earth stops, holding her breath,
 Trying to ignore the churning in her stomach
The pain becomes too much to bear
 And She turns, crying and gnashing her teeth
Then down comes the funnel, spinning and twirling
 So strong that it tires in minutes
And the storm is gone, disappeared like frost on a window
 So Earth breathes a sigh of relief
Glad that Her torture is over, She laughs,
 daring the storm to come back

Copyright © 1997 Crystal Keeley


By: Suzanne Butz

Ellen sits atop her throne
stares at the gentle sea below her
watches its soft colors take shape
and shift out of being
form passing liaisons
then drift apart soundlessly
they beckon to her
they beg her to take part
she reaches out to one, then to the other
Can she have them all at once?
Her indecision is complete
it is simpler to stay
but she jumps anyway

Copyright © 1997 Suzanne Butz

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By: Chris Bodor

The rising sun
     is a source of inspiration
     during sexless nights
     and meaningless mornings
     during this permanent parade
     of work week routine
     and torture chair train seats

If the sun can rise,
     each day,
     then I can surely
     force open my tired eyes

My will is strong
     do not prove me wrong
Please find
     the strength to rise

Copyright © 1995 Chris Bodor

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To Fly Like An Eagle

By: Nadine Reda

To see through eagle's eyes:
  The trees, my home, my paradise,
  The sky, my world, of true freedom.
To hear the world through eagle's ears:
  The brids chirping,
  Soon to be my prey, my meal, my true satisfaction.
To feel the fear that eagles feel:
  I fear hunters and their guns,
  A bullet's pain, my true fear.
To use the wings that eagles use:
  Escape the hunter, and the bullet,
  Escape the pain, and the fear,
  Escape the world, to fly to freedom.
To leave behind people and guns,
Leave behind pollution and LIFE!
To use my wings and fly like and eagle.

Copyright © 1997 Nadine Reda

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Autumn Winds

By: Bob Hamilton

As autumn winds rustle through your hair
and brush gentle against your skin
Cloud strode rays of moon light
reflect your beauty and your grace
As streaks of lighting in distant sky
adorn an orange hue
A lonesome dove lands gently on your breast,
That's when I'll be with you

Copyright © 1997 Bob Hamilton, Texas, USA

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One Moment

By: Laura Koller

Looking out at the river
I could hear the slow rythmn
Of a song from two years back
A warm familiar feeling
Surrounded my soul
And for one moment
I felt like living
A small hand reached up
To draw my eyes to that little face
Looking down I saw me
What a beautiful smile
The questions in those eyes
Tiny fingers curled around mine
Show me the way they said
Give me freedom
Returning a smile, I thought
How I wish I could show you
To survive the deception
The beauty of our world
Hides so very well
I looked back to the water
The sunset was so beautiful
I released a deep sigh
And turned to follow her

Copyright © 1995 Laura Koller, Chester, VA, USA

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By: Giovanni Allesi

The morning dew that had settled on my petals
Was quickly disappearing
'Neath the sun
The other flowers 'round me
Lifted from their stems so proudly
To the day that for the world
Had just begun
This day shall be for me
The apex of my majesty
The day that I have blossomed
To my peak
To my mistress I will give
This glorious day I live
So into her tender hands
Will I seek
In silent cheer I saw her
Coming near
And ever more I stood upon my height
Oh! The thought was such delight
That I blushed with all my might
Of the moment she would notice
I was here
With sweetened fragrance I exuded
I too reached to be included
As she gathered up the roses
In her arms
And like the others I bestowed her
All my radiance and color
Longing for her favor
And her charms
I called for her! As roses do...
With everything within me
But alas! She passed -
And did not glance
My beauty I possess,
With each moment
Dwindles less
I'm left alone
To darkened tones
Yet unknown,
To face my death
I'm left alone,
Now night has grown
And covered me in a shroud
My stalk is stooped
I cannot stand
As once I was so proud
I'm full of sorrow...
There's no tomorrow
For the rose that was forgotten
No glory for a single rose...
The one left in the garden
The night was long...
Seemed not to end...
But finally came the dawn
Again I rose upon my stem,
Alone yet strangely calm
And then I saw her coming to me,
I, the one rose that was left...
With her tender touch she did rend,
And drew me to her breast...
She brought me to a table
And set me in a vase
I bloomed as only I was able,
Giving fragrance with my grace
Alone was I in splendor..
Alone to tell the story
Forlorn within the garden
To the Centerpiece of glory

Copyright © 1997 Giovanni Allesi

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By: Wimtraum

Words fell from our tongues   
droplets of water roll off a leaf 
Excitment was in our voices  
thousands of Monarchs fly from the trees 
We felt connected   
the breeze whistles through our hair as we  
walk down the beach at sunset... 

Copyright © 1997 Wimtraum

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The Quake

By: Naeem Tilly

Thunder, eruption and confusion,
Gods wrath has been unleashed,
the mountains cry in fear,
the seas flood away,
the trees uprooted...

The results are deadly,
The people are shaken.
Corpses, young and old.
The rescue is over,
constructions begin,
the clearance of a wreakage,
somewhat like a battlefield,
no winners, more losers,
the quake has come and gone.

Copyright © 1997 Naeem Tilly

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Season of the Leaves

By: Lucille Younger

A single leaf floats overhead,
wafting on a wind of chance that,
somewhere in the city’s winter,
it will find its mother tree
or some soft, quiet place where it
can come to rest, decay and die
in dignity and peace.

The out-of-season leaf is snubbed.
Orphaned by less hearty souls who
tasted love and, some, deceit
beneath its rustling enterprise
as soft, sweet, shaded breezes rushed
to kiss the cheek of summer and
to stay the fall of time.

Homage now is paid, instead,
to the Coniferous One--the pine--who
stands alone in frigid splendor
embalmed in prickly, northland beauty
Created more for sight than touch,
it does not care to
shade for love.

'Tis not the season of
the leaf whose
fragile body’s broken veins,
disintegrate in
gusts of winds, while
winter blows a frosty coat that
caps the barren land.

Let it be stilled, this lonely leaf,
so it may rest and resurrect to
recreate its timeless grace in
frigid fields where spring,
burrowed just beneath earth’s brim,
sleeps once again with patient ease
to wait the season of the leaves.

Copyright © 1997 Lucille Younger

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Mountain Villanelle

By: Alisha Freeman

The mountain is where I long to reside
And have as companions the owl and deer
Deep in the forest my heart does abide

Where the trees stand tall and rivers run wide
The song of each bird, one can clearly hear
The mountain is where I long to reside

The greatness of trees uncovers false pride
The river's flow washes away each tear
Deep in the forest my heart does abide

Here the bears roam free and the eagles glide
And chipmunks feed from the hand without fear
The mountain is where I long to reside

In this place worries are soon cast aside
Free from concernment, the mind becomes clear
Deep in the forest my heart does abide

Were I such beauty to e'er be denied
My soul, 'neath the heat of despair would sear
The mountain is where I long to reside
Deep in the forest my heart does abide

Copyright © 1997 Alisha Freeman

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