Zane Parks

Zane Parks was born in Miami in 1946. His family moved often during his childhood since his father was in the Navy. Zane says, "I came of age in the sixties and there's still a bit of the flower child in me." He taught philosophy for a time, but shifted to computer programming in the late seventies. He lives with his wife, Bridget, in the bay area east of San Francisco.

Mr. Parks explains that he came to poetry late in life and began writing out of anguish during extended periods of separation from his wife. He jokes, "while the world will no doubt rue the loss of another love-sick poet, I no longer much write in that vein."

He now writes Haiku, Tanka, and Renga and says that although he has a "somewhat skewed approach to these forms," his work has been well received in the haiku community. He has published in most US and Canadian haiku magazines, as well as a some overseas. Some of these include: Frogpond, Modern Haiku, Raw Nervz, Lynx, Mayfly, and Woodnotes.

Samples of Zane's work follows. You can learn more about Mr. Parks and read more of his poetry by following the link to his web site at the end of this document.


     love beads softly click . . .
     withered flower child
     crossing haight
       -- from Modern Haiku


     her blue-veined hand
     gnarled with age
     and more
     softly taps the beat
     amazing grace
       -- from Lynx

     all thought of going 
     stayed by her hand lightly
     laid upon my thigh
       -- from Modern Haiku

    anniversary dinner--
    aging most gracefully
    the wine
       -- from Parnassus Literary Journal

    Copyright  Zane Parks


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