David Hunter Sutherland

David Hunter Sutherland has seen wide distribution of his works in journals, reviews and magazines. Recent pieces of his have appeared in Anthology, Anthem and CrossConnects. He is a member of The Academy Of American Poets and National Writers Union with a recent collection of verse, Between Absolutes, published by Menace Publishing, and an anthology, A Year on the Avenue, published by Two Dog Press. Mr. Sutherland also serves as managing editor for a publication called Recursive Angel.

This poet attributes the technical diversity found in his work to "an appreciation of and a striving to understand the major poets of our past." He explains that "the energy of expression particular to poetry must withstand current fads or mores, and there are no better teachers than those who have gone before." In conclusion, he says, "In this respect I try to imbue my work with a vision that I hope will withstand scrutiny over time."

A sample of Mr. Sutherland's work follows. You can see an additional works by following the links to the Athens Avenue Poetry Circle and Recursive Angel web sites provided at the end of this document.



In a bottomless heart
there are voids.
Infinite stretches of fluid imagination
age-thick hysterias creeping to a half-life being
and reflection - whose dead epilogue
panders to a vague immediacy.
Were it not for Love
perhaps august resolve against beginnings
todays end to the next moon
would writhe in bewilderment.

Neither a crow of humility
or chattel of sense
peers past its rim.

While on perches polished and scrubbed
we wander its depth.
Lingering in its passing,
For it is not in the spent shell marking, magazine droppings
or fragments of a war torn ruin.
Not in the violent outcroppings or deluge of a backwater coup,
and not in the wailing and gnashing of a spiritual death-
but in a tear.

Copyright 1997 David Hunter Sutherland

From A Year on The Avenue
Two Dog Press
Reproduced by permission of author



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