CK Tower

CK Tower is a member of the National Poet's Association and a founding member of the Internet Writers and Artists Guild. † She is Managing Editor for Conspire Poetry Journal. Aside from writing, CK enjoys reading (especially lyric poetry and work by The New England Confessional Poets), expanding her book collection, and raising Rottweilers.

CK has seen wide publication of her work in print and electronic journals, including Poetry In Motion, 15 Credibility Street, Brooklyn Poet, A 2River 'View, Artisan, Eclectica, Ceteris Paribus, and Zuzu's Petals.


Perfect Circumstance

Come away from the wall.  There is nothing there
just an image framed in perfect circumstance, one moment captured
and covered in glass.  Everyday you wipe away the dust
while we choke on these layers of fine ash.  
Yesterdayís portrait of quintessence withered 

with the freesias, (I canít seem to throw them
away, Iím not as good as you at discarding broken things) 
and nothing of their grace lingers.  Tomorrow 
if the sun is not dead
I will take them to the river
where everything disappears.  Do not misunderstand me

I used to believe in the picture, allowed myself, 
to caress ignorance,  dismissed the mountain
lying dormant between us.  Necessity?  Dust
wilted flowers
blue-eyed girls 
who dream of becoming women but know better, 
no reason to have pity.  We are clever.  Honest.  Honest as pictures 
and freesias, before day seven  Honest as an impetuous volcano 
in abeyance.  There is no use 

for this silent water spilling down my face or yours, 
not for departed flowers or withering possibilities.  I picture myself now, 
cast into the whirling channel of your distant memory 
toward an end, like yellow petals or bits of ash released 
from an undetermined moment.  A perfect circumstance 
for everything to disappear.

Copyright © 1997 CK Tower


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