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Dawn Colclasure
One of You

Witness the transfusion. 
How the stars seem to dance across the night sky,
Embracing then letting go
As they interconnect with the other,
A part of some great eternal neighborhood.

Soaring through timelessness,
Exploding with vibrations of color and warmth.
No other form of communication will do it;
A twinkle here, a step there.
Without the help of sound.

Without time.
Without sound.
A perfect world where the next word or thought
Is only a glance away.
And I, without sound, am one of you. 

2005 Dawn Colclasure,   e-mail the author

Dawn Colclasure is the author of five books. Two of these books are poetry collections; the second one is her step into self-publishing her poetry books. She is a poetry editor for Skyline E-Magazine, as well as its sister E-mags, SpinningS, intense tales of life, and Poetry Lane. Dawn's poetry has appeared at sites such as AHA! Poetry, Panic! Poetry and Art, EOTU E-zine of Fiction, art and Poetry, All-Info About Poetry and TMP Irregular.