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Bariane Louise Rowlands obtained a degree in English Language, Literature and Theatre Studies in the UK and became involved in community arts before living in the USA and New Zealand. In New Zealand she taught creative writing and in 2000 founded ‘The World is Poetry’, a Wellington multi-disciplinary cooperative. Upon returning to the UK, she took up painting where she has had success selling her work privately. She is currently living in Vienna and divides her time between working on a novel, song writing, and painting.

A Lover's Life

If you’d let me, I would spend all my days now 
Painting and writing you
You could be my study
My occupation
Into my own poverty
Because I should love myself enough
And make my life mine

I want an adult love but at this time in this year
I am a child, enraptured, captured
Staring up at you
I can only dream about floating upon your whims
I resent it, hate it, could be angry at myself indeed
That everything is not the same now

The morning is a thrill, even if life is sharp
Waking next to you
As you leave me before I am ready to let go
I have nothing to say
I have been here before and trust nothing
And beyond such art, I just want to laugh

I sleep to kill the hours where I can’t love you
You can not be my reason for life
I can’t accept you standing behind me
Too many have said such
But this is about me wanting you.

© 2006 Bariane Louise Rowlands

Promising Earth

Watch my hair, it falls around you
Follow its course along my spine
My skin has no form till you find its shape
I feel myself made, caught in your palms

Will you turn me, mould me as Earth
Kneed pliability till you are consumed?
I would hold you so that you sigh of home
In me, in you, beyond such beauty

The Heavens have lost their stand and Earth
Its stony spin dwindles to nothing
Let it stop, all be still for this time
For you are mine and I am yours

Our flesh feeds life so that it might rest
Air a sigh, fire our heat
Earth is touch, and water ebbs
Know this land with plentiful embrace

If I strip bare the Earth's contours
Reveal to you its fragile pulse
Open to you what I have denied Heavens
Will you know me, hear me, guide me, teach me?

Do not bypass bark nor knoll, nor stream
I am waiting there for you to see
Come be, there's singing, truth and life
Beneath suns, amidst night I feel you feel me

© 2006 Bariane Louise Rowlands

Pirie Street

Oranges upon my tongue
Burst into youth
Wine kissed the lips
Burning my cheeks
Laughter was liquid language
Paint and poetry, embers in friendship…
We lay on the floor
Just talking, listening
Whilst skies ate the sun
Window frames tumbling from the walls
And I was falling free across the city roofs

Skin like music, cells that sang
It will take me seven years
To forget
The melody now
Is almost a childhood
‘I want to thank you’
But can’t…

My heart was too old
My needs too few
My want of it all too deep

© 2006 Bariane Louise Rowlands