width=61 height=87> Voracious Verses


Carmen Eichman

I have passed before the thousand eyes in church
but it is with the moon I hold
a staring contest
losing again.
But the moon takes pity and lifts
this mistrust stroking
it gently.
Weve done this before
the moon and I when
Ive tossed that splintered hope line
sighting it real good
watching it hook hard
a yank to make sure it was tight but
it does fool me at times and
the moon cups 
this mistrust stroking
it gently.

 2006 Carmen Eichman


Sleeping Guards

To drink with you would be divine,
but really is forbidden;
for that is when the right wing guards
of rationale sleep deeply,
and I can reach the cell block key
and do what I would want to,
those things that bring the flesh to life;
the Spirit would be quickened
to quickly elevate in prayer
and report me for escaping.
So better not to drink with you
but keep thoughts locked within. 
For though I do obey the guards
I think too much of Him.

 2006 Carmen Eichman

originally appeared in Spring Board Journal