width=61 height=87> Voracious Verses


Elizabeth Waugh

I am birthing silently 
something formless 
moves through 
dank hidden recesses 

it passes forth into a night
of stopped time
where I lack
earthen identity 

endless, this night is
full of nameless people
and now this raw mewing thing
inside me coming through

            I am dragged through 
            black water
in which blue reflections
            save me

© 2006 Elizabeth Waugh


Tell me lover 
A lie, a flighty piece of endlessness
To take 

Though City beautiful
Banners aflight

The war is over
I surrendered
When the soldiers found love 
Dead in his bed
Silent as snowfall, amidst churning vented air

Baked forms touch the sky
Forest aflame

© 2006 Elizabeth Waugh

Dedicated to All Letters Left Unwritten

A thousand words
In my pocket
Falling out 
Just for you

They wisp away in autumn breezes
Fake autumn here in California
Leaves remain perma hued

the alphabet dances
saying things random
as it blows away
bit by bit

Put the words together now,
And I’ll say something big
Monstrous and never ending
A stream verbatim

Pontificate, that seems to be
Word of the week
Everyone’s saying it
Everyone’s doing it
Pontificate is definitive of
Our generation

I just want sweet afternoons
Alone with you
Sans words, sans explanation
Car rides in California’s fake fall 
The season when lovers are supposed
To meet
According to my rules 

© 2006 Elizabeth Waugh


Concrete curls of smoke
Winter skies
Night broken bleeding

The things people write about
Dark things you showed me

All winter
Into early spring
The sun, she didn’t rise, still she

Whispered to me
From beneath sodden ground

Rest baby, rest now
Sweetness light of my life
Ill write write write 

© 2006 Elizabeth Waugh