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Pete Lee
Thank You
(for Kelly)

Thank you for inventing
the sport of pole vaulting

long after the last brick
had set in my Great Wall.

Thank you for breaking up
my ice caps, one Mississippi-

sized berg at a time.
Thank you for rushing

my sovereign shores
with your mild armada.

And thank you (merci
beaucoup) for orbiting me

more closely, then settling
on my very shade of blue.

 2006 Pete Lee

These Are the Things I Want
(for Kelly)

She says: a house made of flowers,
a kitten made of clouds,
a hand made of your voice
that I can hold with my other hand.

And these, he says, are the things
I want: a room made of books,
a bed made of dreams,
a sunrise made of your smile.

 2006 Pete Lee