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Rochelle Hope Mehr

I have no real identity.
I exist only on paper - A flat, 2-dimensional stick figure.
I have no viscera.
Nothing churns in me - no lust, no rage.
I am content to lie on my page
And occasionally whisper in your ear:
Float, float with me here.
Here where there is no illness or sin,
     in the abstract whiteness of potential

 2006 Rochelle Hope Mehr

When it Ends

Does it end in a flash
or an umbilicus of doubt
Are we liberated
or crushed asunder in the abyss
What assonance
after a paraffin lifetime of sealing wax
and the watch fire of candles
candles tenuous
candles tenuto
candles tainted
candles engraved
candles brave
candles grave

 2006 Rochelle Hope Mehr


You might as well take my poem
For that is the best part of me:
The ripe part I suffer to ache.
The part that cleaves yearning to break...

 2006 Rochelle Hope Mehr

Originally appeared in
Improvijazzation Nation