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As powerful lightning
discovering for a split second
I see
in the wide dark expanse
of sightless togetherness
in breathless suffocation
in sudden reflection and
guttural moaning agony
not you and me-
some strangers
wearing our faces and bodies
feigning fathomless oneness-
a second only but
together again and again
until we no longer can-
I find us
in fury, fire and storm-
the rising head
in its feverish charge
asserting and re-asserting
in blissful ignorance
that it is in fact its own foe
and that getting nearer union
it paves way for opposite.

 2006 A. Thiagarajan

About the Poet:

A postgraduate in English, A. Thiagarajan taught in colleges in India, before joining the finance sector. He has been writing in English and Tamil since college days, though quite a lot of them remained on the paper he wrote on (that is, when not consigned by him to the waste paper basket). Nuances of relationship between individuals, mental pain and cruelty we inflict on each other and ourselves are his obsession. Interests include finance, Sri Aurobindo and mythology.