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Alison Eastley

Cradle Mountain

Tasmania is known for a beauty
suited to those who enjoy solitude 
in a temperate climate changing 
at any time to a wildness of wind, 
rain pounding against Cradle Mountain
always loftier, lonelier, than I ever remember
even though I went there with you. 
Maybe, I lack gratitude although 
the dirt tasting coffee could be blamed. 
It could have been the walk to Lake Dove. 
You tried to take my photo. I peered 
over my shoulder at gravel and brown 
rocks too small to be a statue slowly 
crumbling a history of worship, the kind 
of adoration lovers have and keep 
long after I tried to say goodbye.

(always loftier, lonelier, than I ever remember - Denise Levertov)

 2007 Alison Eastley

About the Poet:

Alison Eastley lives in Tasmania, Australia with her two teenage sons and an exuberant staffy/border collie pup. Previous work has been published in Mannequin Envy, Double Dare Press, Word Riot, and The Absinthe Literary Review, with forthcoming work appearing soon in decomP and Barking Dogs.