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Anne Fraser
featured poet

Do No Harm

Deep in her children’s sleep
she has planted
knowledge of rain,

a thousand names
for earth,
for green,
and for innocence;

even still she is sad,
even still she cannot
stop burning.

© 2007 Anne Fraser

Child - Beloved

I wonder
if she recalls
the tedious training
of her hair,

the gentle
pull against her scalp

as the thought
of braids
became tension
in my fingers.

I was a woman
deeply in love -

between pearls
on a string,
teeth unbroken
in a comb;

it was
with these
and other dreams
that I did
attend you.

© 2007 Anne Fraser

Missy Alice

There is more
you ever thought
to be,

with the moon
having nearly
to the occasion;

this gathering
of intension
and the taking of tea
between times;

the rabbit
and the watch
having solemnly declared
and agreed

to agree,
the other
is madness.

© 2007 Anne Fraser

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