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Carly Svamvour

As the Winds Blow

Winds blow
In from the east
Nudging fruits from their pods,
Down streams, o'er the woodland patches,
Seeding  with  the ever - so - cautiously    
Bred;  stamens spread - excite under  
Lightning's dev'lish blue flash. 
Oh! Let the wild
Winds blow!

 2007 Carly Svamvour

Vancouver Veil

rain clouds
crowd the skyline,
vancouver veil descends
on the islands, the ocean's skin

 2007 Carly Svamvour

The Power of Now


Were some wondrous wizard to issue
an invitation to the Realm of Days Past,
I might ponder the possibility of change,
rationalize the lies lied, wrack my brain 
at the wrongs wrought . . . try to make 
it all come 'round right.

I might ponder the prudence of same.


Dare I look into the future, scry the power
of some crystal ball, offered by some wise old 
she-or-he-who-knows-all . . . I might quake 
querulous for answers to questions - more
than I'll ever need to know.

Dare I scry such power, to know the hour
that my eyes may no longer see a face
in the afternoon sky, that my arms may 
no longer spread to welcome everything
the new day has to offer.


But for this moment, this very first
intake of breath, this very first longing;
'tis this that keeps the heart beating,
'tis this that keeps the eyes open wide,
'tis this that keeps me wondering, 
wandering, looking for faces 
in the morning sky.

 2007 Carly Svamvour

About the Poet:

Carly Svamvour : has published in many online and print journals throughout the past 10 years; google her name and you'll see nany links to web pages where you may read her poems. She is currently working on her travel and garden journals, her poems and works at short stories when she's in the 'zone'.