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Kenneth Kesner


we were there   
we were worlded
gnomon’s glazed past   
some glyphic momentum
questless as … that 
time’s outside himself   
but just then, though
so   are you ready to bury a lover?   
a brother … yet another?
so’s sound herself   gathered
no alban imitate of spirit   
to be scored in hieric negative
how … how could i hear it mattered   
where moments   
from one to other?

© 2007 Kenneth Kesner

Elegies Instead

who's the angel over there
who's to be the death of me
who bleeds   forgetting tears
no memory no jealousy 
shard destiny
portions pure
light sounds to be seen
lightning's to have been
meaning's there never more
glancing where loomings tore
where somewhere angels 
have  to  go
after exiles 

© 2007 Kenneth Kesner

About the Poet:

Kenneth Kesner : has recently published in Arabesques Review and has other poems accepted for publication--but pending. He's been involved with academic work for several years, primarily in East Asia.