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Laurence Overmire

Unable to Label

Or understand the overlap of similar, yet
Different things, we waste
The opportunity, lose sight of

Horizons that measure the distance
Between earth and sky
Forget to ask the questions

Whose answers lie hidden
Behind the crenellated walls
Of our own perceptions.

 2007 Laurence Overmire


To get to the truth
You must transcend words

You must transcend
Consciousness itself

Allow what is underneath
That great unknowable Hidden

To take what voice it will
And make the world

Spin on the fulcrum of its axis
The riddle burning in the center of

Its hot, molten

 2007 Laurence Overmire

Burning Wood

Logs listen
To the stories we tell
Around the fire

Carry our dreams
In ashes

A circle of stone
To remind the future.

 2007 Laurence Overmire

About the Poet:

Laurence Overmire : is a writer, actor, director, arts educator and genealogist. He has worked on stage, film, and television in New York and Hollywood and points in between. His poetry has been widely published in the U.S. and abroad.