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Jacquieline Tuffnell

Haiku and Short Verse

The cloud is a flame
and day is closing its eye
I long to go home

Bands of mauve, pink, blue
streak the horizon at dusk
We await the moon

The train whistle's call,
a musical voice at dusk
to announce the night   

Going to bed now
oh moon, on a winter's night
that feels like summer

I leave a light on
inside of me, where it glows
when I need it most

What does it feel like
to be young and unaware
of time slipping by?

Scattered confetti
covers the streets of downtown
you missed the parade

Soft as a spring night   
my thoughts descend to you, then
rise like the evening star

The fog lifts gently
like an eyebrow, slowly raised
in expectation

There is an intense
ageless quality to an
autumnal day in October
that embraces the past, and all
its wistful tenderness, the present
and its disturbing sameness,
and the future with its unknown
quantity of joy and sadness

 2007 Jacquieline Tuffnell

About the Poet:

Jacquieline Tuffnell is an 83 yr old woman living in Santa Barbara, CA who has been writng haiku and short poems for many years.   This is her first publication.