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Martin Willitts, Jr.

The "Crags"

Alpine firs entrench their long roots
up glaciers into the thinness soil
a climber driving a spike & fastening 
safety ropes into subzero air,
the firs removing only half its leaves.
a climber removing some coat 
as they heat up during the ascent, the air
impossible to breath, and there: 
a Fool’s Huckleberry holds moisture in dry winds
among sedges that have died down
to subterranean stem-tips for autumn
as if going into a deep hibernation

© 2008 Martin Willitts, Jr.

About the Poet:

Martin Willitts, Jr. has a recent print chapbook "Lowering Nets of Light" Pudding Houe Publications (2007), an online chapbook "News from the Front" www.slowtrains.com (2007), and edited a anthology of poems about cancer "Alternatives to Surrender" Plain View Press (2007).