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Dawn Colclasure

He left the note
on the kitchen table,
situated between an assortment
of apples, Bananas, and plums.
“You don’t talk to me anymore.”
“You’re never here.”
“Your hair is too dark.”
“Your shoes are too big.”
“You don’t love me.”
“You don’t love me.”
“You don’t love me.”

He tried to make it clear
in the only way he knew
all of the problems and the pitfalls
that led to this note.
All of the things that made him unhappy
made me unhappy. That made our lives
miserable and worth nothing more
than this short note of grievances
saying goodbye.

© 2005 Dawn Colclasure,   e-mail the author

Dawn Colclasure is the author of five books. Two of these books are poetry collections; the second one is her step into self-publishing her poetry books. She is a poetry editor for Skyline E-Magazine, as well as its sister E-mags, SpinningS, intense tales of life, and Poetry Lane. Dawn's poetry has appeared at sites such as AHA! Poetry, Panic! Poetry and Art, EOTU E-zine of Fiction, art and Poetry, All-Info About Poetry and TMP Irregular.