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Ram M. Mehta
Maple Memories

My balcony covered by a huge sycamore tree,
My constant companion of snowy Maple days,
Memories come as insects around flowering tree
Turning my gloomy days into glorious days.

The first candid approach in medicine to initiate,
Hippocrates sat under sycamore tree to explain,
As Budhha sat under the Bodhi tree to meditate,
Nirvana or the enlightenment of mind to attain.
Father Cavanaugh called it ‘The vengeance tree’,
Othello’s Desdemona sat sighing by a sycamore,
Flying to Egypt Virgin Mary rested under the tree,
Known as crann ban “money tree” in Irish folklore.

To demystify health care & known to personalize,
To me sycamore exists to socialize and to poetize.

© 2005 Ram M. Mehta

Ram(niklal) Mehta, born in Dwarka, had been a professor and Head, Department of English, N.A.Arts College, V.Vidyanagar, Gujarat India. After his retirement in 1994, his time splits between India and North America.He visited France on a cultural mission in 1989 and presented a scene of Moliere's La tartuffe in Paris. He also visited UK, Scotland and Ireland. He is a life member of the World Academy of Arts & Culture and attended its convention at IASI, Romania in October, 2002. He also attended 4th Encuentro Internacional Literario at Montevideo, Uruguay in April, 2003. He is published in Australia, Argentina, Canada, India, New zealand, UK, USA, Uruguay etc.