width=61 height=87> Voracious Verses
Summer / Fall 2008


Claudia Bierschenk



In San Pedro de Atacama
This Indio woman sold bracelets
On the market.
She showed me how to eat a Coca leaf:
Tomaselo con las dos manos
Take with both hands
Hold with digit and thumb
Look at it
Lift it to the sun
Place it on your tongue
Chew slowly
Don't swallow all at once,
Wait for the hunger to go.

 2008 Claudia Bierschenk

Sunflowers Dying Under the Puszta Sun

Thousands gathered in this field,
Turning their heads away in agony
From the cruel namesake,
Praying to a scorched ground.
The weakest burnt to brittle skeletons 
While the strong ones stood up to the radiant mirror 
Leaves point in accusation 
To an innocent sky

 2008 Claudia Bierschenk






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