width=61 height=87> Voracious Verses
Summer / Fall 2008


Walter Ruhlmann



with the white face
you will put on gloves
on your hands
of porcelain
and a latex end
on the sexes
who will remunerate
your pleasures.

And out of your koto
will come the complaints
of the vamps
from Tokyo.

And in this subway
polished, dyed
with sarin gas

it is useless
you will die tomorrow.

 2008 Walter Ruhlmann

About the Poet:

Walter Ruhlmann was born in 1974 in Caen, Normandy, France. He currently lives in Le Mans where he works as an English teacher. Walter lived in England from 1995 to 1997 after taking a degree in English at University. He began publishing Mauvaise graine, a literary magazine, in 1996. Back in France, he has carried on publishing and writing mostly poetry, although he has published short stories in several French-language magazines. Mauvaise graine ended in 2000, but evolved in a webzine "mgversion2.0>datura" in 2002, and is still online at http://mgversion2.free.fr/. An English section offers poetry written in English. Walter is also the author of several poetry booklets.






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