width=61 height=87> Voracious Verses
Spring / Summer 2009


Regina C. J. Green



you hold me close
a little thorn in your side
nearer to you than your own
do you understand me
this bare woman
beside you
we are rumpled versions of ourselves

 2009 Regina C. J. Green

Winter's Day

i would love you as a winter's day

behind a frosty pane
a bundled aching love
and the coziness of crackled longing

frost-bitten years and
snow-bound courtesies
leave no tracks 

white blindness wins out
a distancing shortened by the constant cold
i'm all for chopping more wood
stack it up so neatly
there next to our two weighted souls
we'll lie here in this
contented place

it can never be too cold

 2009 Regina C. J. Green

About the Poet:

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