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Spring / Summer 2009


Shel Bockman


The Vulnerable Man

They lived in a place

Where the uplifted Plains

Rose to meet the foothills

Of the Rockies on which

In the wind swept distance

He could  see the snow bent

Trees standing shoulder to

Shoulder finding strength

In their solitary camaraderie.

And  he well knew that

This early snow meant

A hard winter was in store

For those who were new

To this unforgiving  land

Which gave no quarter nor

Showed any remorse.

But they asked for none.

Yet as he walked through

The snow crossed field that

Stretched before him he

Began to doubt that  they

Would ever find a  future

In this defiant place.

But as he opened the door

And  entered his home

Of stone and wood

He was greeted by the

Aroma and abundance

Of  that  first year's harvest

And by the  welcoming touch

Of   the glowing fire  and

As he turned towards his wife

He saw on the half-set table

Red roses in a chocolate vase

And then he smiled

A knowing smile.

 2009 Shel Bockman

About the Poet:

Shel Bockman is a professor at California State University, San Bernardino. His work appears in Boston Literary Magazine, Maverick, Flutter, Words-Myth, and Kupozine.

Additional Work: Red Roses in a Chocolate Vase






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