width=61 height=87> Voracious Verses
Winter / Spring 2012


Chinedu Ichu


Gender Catapult

Keeps flying in all our faces 
decked in different shades n sizes
Floating across rainbow colored runways 
Headed in directions of discreet. 
© 2012 Chinedu Ichu


Bald Me

I am in true love with bald
What do you know
About the positive stigma?
I shave my head
To demote prejudice
And societal scorn
Off the record: to look responsible
Enough to get a high paying desk job
Shanka said I was plagued
With an organism
Responsible for hair loss
But had an excuse for shaving hers
“I have just embraced Buddhism”
Bloody vixen
Who cares?
Male obsession with hair
Is ancient and thick
Leave me at peace
My head shimmers
Dipped in cooking oil
Tells an exotic tale
A broad smile becomes active
On a black prickly sideburn.

© 2012 Chinedu Ichu


Words from the Author:   I have been writing now for 8 years, my work mostly reflects the time, life and thought of a typical African--irrespective of race, gender and tradition. Although within our dear African continent there are too many obvious challenges confronting writers, it hasn’t deterred me from continually shifting my beautiful African mind into overdrive whenever I am being inspired or the need arises. For me poetry is like a large jump start. One of my aims first as a writer is to positively showcase Africa to the rest of the world, to make them understand that we are good for those relevant things that comprehend and compliment existence. It is my duty as a writer to make sure my work is well grounded and speaks volume to whoever decides to read it no matter their orientation because it cuts across all barriers.

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