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Winter / Spring 2012


Jeffrey Side


The Other Side of Her

It was a beautiful evening 
Neptune slingshots to another world 
should seven in the womb 
be made earthlings outside the 
passage to carry down faint 
signals and solar system answers 
when I last visited the 
Contessa amid dust storm evidence 
I had warned my wife 
of lake basins and riverbed 
landings earth creatures mixing hominids 
I can make fate good 
and bad donít hold back 
your light I saw you 
walking through like they thought 
I was mad explaining it 
or something as we arrived 
through the smoulder fifty percent 
of that is mine when 
she sat under the tree 
what fancy stockings so much 
studied and findings applied like 
aspects of the entwined serpent 
now I feel so sick
© 2012 Jeffrey Side


Venus Indignant

The ejaculatory 
life is 
the salvation 
meteor of 
futility or 
fidelity willingly 
false more 
by your 
leave during 
times of 
cultural tautologies
other destinations 
ready love 
in the 
breach always 
ambivalent mystery 
reality waiting 
to be 
defiled in 
the uninterrupted 
present wings 
will be 
effortless for 
aliens needy 
of platonic 
mist or 
evolutionary doubts 
in music 
pirate maidens
© 2012 Jeffrey Side

Jeffrey Side has had poetry published in various magazines such as Poetry Salzburg Review, and on poetry web sites such as Poethia, nthposition, eratio, Ancient Heart, Blazevox, P.F.S. Post, Great Works, hutt, ken*again, and CybpherAnthology. He has reviewed poetry for New Hope International, Stride, Acumen, and Shearsman. From 1996 to 2000 he was the assistant editor of The Argotist magazine. He now runs The Argotist Online Web site.

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