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Winter / Spring 2012


Michael Brown


My Way to You

There are detours,
Unforeseen roadblocks,
Pummels in the clouds
Metal so cold I cannot bend,
Minnow in school
Swimming beyond recess:
Hidden cul-de-sacs on streets
I cannot find
Outside in mid-air
Moonlight shimmers
On the face of the lake:
Every stone you skip
On its surface flares,
Hope raptures the heart,
My tears create their own joy.

 2012 Michael D. Brown



Life suspended
In a seed
Resurrects infinity
Rejoices in the
Adulation of photosynthesized
Just when a plant
Sleeps underground
The dream of every plant
Is found
To break the ceiling
Made of earth
To claim a new
Eternal birth

 2012 Michael D. Brown


When We Are Good

Time moves
Counter clockwise
To bring about
Needed change.
Space makes room
For us by
Rearranging everything
That occupies
Former vacancies.
Everything considered
Matter mimics
The form our love
Has taken.
We never charge
For sharing what we know.
 2012 Michael D. Brown


Michael D. Brown, PhD is an American English professor currently teaching Oral English to Chinese Phd's and faculty in China at Nanjing Agricultural University. Award winning author of 16 books including 6 volumes of poetry. Recipient of the prestigious New York State Senator's award for poetry with numerous publishing credits for poetry, essays, fiction, and reviews. Poems have appeared in The Geronimo Review, The Writer's Literary Muse, Voices, Timbooktu, Ascent, and The Christian Educator's Journal.

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