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Winter / Spring 2012


Paige Street


Robin Hood

[I am sure I love you-
     I really am,]

The sunlight passed through the broad leaves,
Displaying an emerald refraction of
Strength, life, age; a slow, old growth that sounds
Like a steady, low music all through these
Wrinkled trees, and I can smell it,
Like coffee or a bruised onion;
     the curling tree-spirits play on all my senses.

How could a place like this 
     ever need a king?

I could lace my legs in green,
And hide among the creepers in the trees
With watchful eyes and sharp ash glances.
I could rub the loam in my palms
And chase the deer, breathing like a fiend,
Blade in hand, through this 

When the lion returns, will he take this
     from me?

[My shade of green]
 2012 Paige Street


A Little Poetry

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