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Winter / Spring 2012


Patrick Williamson


Squared Root


If the root is squared
what is left?

A tangled root, inverse,
introvert, or confused

or is it resolved
when we square up

iron out the problem,
nothing left to be said

a clear conscience
a new depart

no down-curves, upswings
we are even Stevens

we've settled our scores
in one form or another

yet a square is not a cube
and we're all cubes

the apple's been done
the kumquat too, 
let me try the lemon


By definition a square
has four sides,
a box has two 
the inside & the outside

By definition we should
arrive back
where we started, if we left.

Unless a square is only
our definition, via its shape,
of the route we take

Start, and finish many 
irregular sides
maybe even a circle

which has one side
or two
the inside & the outside

or is a line that
by definition
forever chases itself

 2012 Patrick Williamson


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