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Winter / Spring 2012


Sarah Gamutan



Silencio, this is a story 
Of a man who is snapped, 48 year old
Slippers got holes and teeth lost
Un sueño hecho realidad, yes at last!
He contemplated first on his shoes
Treatment was not enough
He killed his own panorama
Of the world betwixt his thin shoulders
And he dreamt of dusk no more
It's his humane gloom; shade
He finished his food
At the fall of night, his memoir
© 2012 Sarah Gamutan

Sarah Gamutan's poems have been published in many online literary journals including Carty's Poetry Journal, Western Australia Poets Inc., The Beat, Literary Kicks, Haggard and Halloo Publications, The Camel Saloon, Rainbow Rose, Voxpoetica , and The Sound of Poetry Review. She lives in Philippines where she works as a Customer Support Associate by night and a poet at heart by day.

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