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Winter / Spring 2012


Walter Ruhlmann


The Whales

The lagoon,
the barrier reef,
once a year
they come
in its peaceful waters
far from the sharks
or all the other animals
living in the ocean
that would feed
on their off springs.
Fat and soft.

The lagoon,
the barrier reef,
once a year
they disembark
and sweat
on Maore beaches
pouring down
sun cream
or sun oil
on their skin.
their fat on the sand.

Blue whales
White whales
have the same instinct:
they want peace
and loaf.
© 2012 Walter Ruhlmann


The Stolen Star

One day
in class
Tariki came to me
and said
“Sir, can you see my shirt?”

He was wearing a shirt
with the Comoran flag
and the word clandestine
in bold green capitals.

“How many stars are there?”
There are four on the flag
sheltered by a half-moon
symbolizing Islam.

“Sir, can you see my shirt?”
Of course I could see it
and knew what the boy meant.
Mayotte is one of them
and that one was stolen – 
so think the Comorans.

A star stolen by France
stolen by occupants – 
so think the Comorans.

© 2012 Walter Ruhlmann


Walter Ruhlmann works as an English teacher. He has been publishing mgversion2>datura (ex-Mauvaise graine) for over fifteen years. Walter is the author of several poetry chapbooks and e-books in French and English and has published poems ans fiction in various printed and electronic publications world wide. He is a 2011 Pushcart Prize nominee for his translation of Martine Morillon-Carreau’s poem “ Sand début ni fin, ce rêve” published in the January 2011 issue of Magnapoets. His blog:   http://lorchideenoctambule.hautetfort.com

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