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Winter / Spring 2013


Donald Coonrod



Siren song in the dawn,
fluttering down--oh earth
how long, how long to live
in this great mountain of 
life and love.

Oh Lord, let me never
 leave this life of love;
 rather bear it more closely
 day by day until I shall                               
 leave this world of the lonely sky.
Give me the day to make my
eternity, there in the sunlit sky.
If it must be, let me take the
sky to task, until I'm lifted up
by the beauty of this day, oh,
may it never fade away.

 2013 Donald Coonrod


Ship of Clouds

Summer light comes down,
drifting through turquoise skies,
cool and lovely in that short life
of time in heaven--sleeping on
white puffs of clouds, hoping to
reach each other, to be together
before mists of Fall and cold weather
darken the days.
Oh Lord, from far away you come,
in a halo of beginning, into that which
will be a new world of love and life--radiant
nature--this one world, so many of its mysteries,
lost by humankind, a gathering of endless souls.

 2013 Donald Coonrod


Heaven's Curtain

Oh, the end of summer has found it way--
drifts of gray and white hugging light of the sun;
those puffs of beauty, peering down at waving
green forests and the spent flowers of summer gone
by---the trees wave too, even as their leaves turn, 
going, going down, soon to be gone away.
Farewell, oh you spirits of November, your
lonely days are about to begin again, as flowers
and the green grass that cannot speak, is still loved.

What heaven has wrought is no less than a
miracle, unfathomable, and the endless beauty
of worlds come and gone in time, each with their days
and nights spent for the coming of the cold blasts of
winter, creation unfathomable, through heavens curtains.

 2013 Donald Coonrod


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