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Summer / Fall, 2013


Hal Sirowitz


Off the Trail

She wanted to go off 
the trail. She claimed 
she could get us back 

to where the car was 
parked by following 
the movement of the sun. 

But the clouds were 
threatening to make the sun 
a recent memory. She said, 

“Don’t you trust me?” I 
trusted her to drive the car, 
as long as I had a road map 

on my lap for quick reference. 
It reminded me too much 
of our relationship – I wanted 

to stay on the trail – have 
familiar landmarks. She wanted 
to make her own path. If I 

could follow, she liked that, 
but if I couldn’t, I just had 
to wait for her to come back. 

© 2013 Hal Sirowitz


BIO: Hal Sirowitz is the co-winner of the NoirCon 2012 Poetry Contest, juddged by Robert Polito.

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