width=61 height=87> Voracious Verses
Summer / Fall, 2013


I.B. Rad


Sympathetic Vibration

While we're fiddling with one another
we must be perfectly in tune
for how else could one explain
that as we're lying together
I begin to vibrate
in rhythmic crescendo
with you?

 2013 I.B. Rad


Treading Water

It was sink or swim
so mostly they all swam,
some, buoyant as a cork,
a few, even Olympic class,
but now they doze,
slumping over
in row on row 
of wheelchairs;
passively treading water
while patiently awaiting
some angel of mercy
to drain the pool.

 2013 I.B. Rad


When I Look Back

As I view
my life
I see 
one fabulous tapestry
of unraveling threads,
a passing phantom 
ever renewing
yet constantly 
coming undone.

 2013 I.B. Rad


A Little Poetry

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