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Winter / Spring 2013


Kufre Udeme


The Rain Has Come

They sit no more watching the clouds
Men with raffia hats and machetes
Women with weeding hoes and baskets
They wail no more like beetles
Naked children with dry bones
Looking hard like pine cones.

They drink no more their urine
And demolish their latrine
The soil no more eats-up the yam
And makes suffer, the farm
The sun, no more baked dungs of goats
Make scarce manure for plants.

The withered shrub has bloomed along the paths
The thirsty animals have leapt to their feet.

And the dry silent thatches
Are now beating like wooden drums
And the dry sandy streams
Are now flowing like sweet tears.

For the long awaited rain has come
Descending from the cloud
Like a princess
Dances down from the throne.

  2013 Kufre Udeme


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