width=61 height=87> Voracious Verses
Winter / Spring 2013


Vincent Lapointe



	you trust sacred fences
	along the city’s wild streets
Your arms and laps
	mapped the last breath 
	of a thousand man
but you said “febricity’s
a storm within an armor”
and drew veins on a lamppost

© 2013 Vincent Lapointe


Rocking by the Window

Night is single as a bed
    and the dream
That only begins to be shared
In the driest land
You drew a visitor on a napkin
To revive the spirit
walked under the sepulcher
of the moon
Without music
Only your mouth
Crowded by flames
Of a feather
Night is single as a bed
    and its brother
on the run

© 2013 Vincent Lapointe



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