width=61 height=87> Voracious Verses - 2014


Gerard Sarnat



i. Black Site Survival Strategy

Burlap over mousy head

mice in the bag

they bite me

I bite them 

ii. A Workout 

Higgledy-piggledy gym rat this morning, I cool down with yoga.

A lady comes in, hits the treadmill, stretches on the mat next to mine. 

As she does, pant cuffs pulled up, her prosthetic legs cannot be ignored.

Last day of my Iraq tour, an IED...then noisy silence. 

The woman, really just a girl, straightens-up in the mirror, limps out.

iii. Binary Threat From PTSTíd Yemeni Mom

Whirring above him, she whined, 

Son, go to bed, or your dad will drone you. 

iv. Trapdoor To Avoid Their Tormenterís Mettle 

Eyeballs plucked out with a spoon 

earn a smiley on his torturer's mask.

For the wife of the Syrian rebel leader, 

cracking-up's a godsend. 

© 2014 Gerard Sarnat


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