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I.B. Rad


Lot's Wife: Modern Variations

Could it be
Lot's Wife is an allegory
for being backward looking
with its famous pillar of salt
signifying her interment
in a halite mound
formed from her sea of tears
over biblical Hiroshima's
impending holocaust?
On an allied note,
does Lot's wife further symbolize
an emigrant's heartfelt plight
at upending her entire world
for a surer, alien future,
craning to see what was lost
as well as what was gained? 
Or candidly, was she simply
a doubting Thomas
who couldn't take anyone at their word,
not even envoys of almighty Yahweh
(Who'd ever think,
as Master Of The Universe,
He'd sink
to taking down
a little hick town
like Sodom)? 
Then again, is the term "she" 
the key
to our biblical yarn?
Was Lot's wife an intrepid protofeminist
refusing to subserviently follow her husband's
lead or take direction from two angelic henchmen
of a patriarchal, tribal Godfather? 

 2014 I.B. Rad


Pipe Dream

Below his painting
Magritte's manifesto indicts,
"This in not a pipe,"
one gallery goer to laughter,
"Absolutely, it's a pipe!
What else could it be?"
At  which our docent smiled,
"Then why not
  put that pipe in your mouth
  and smoke it?"

 2014 I.B. Rad


A Little Poetry

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