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Walter Ruhlmann


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So long years of wisdom, you were gulped by the dragon.
Somehow you never existed, especially when she sang somewhere
over the rainbow in the lounge.

So you were vacuous, except in this hazed lizard brain of mine
where blurred pictures of some past mix with an anxiogenic future,
no anxiolytic tablets could ease and heal.

These are absolutely no exceptions, they turn around a based axis
circumnavigating towards an eccentric extraterrestrial, an
otherworldly mammal.

I am an anathema,
because too harsh and sour to be swallowed and digested.

An axiom, revealed and written everywhere the humble beast's
dirty paws and claws dissected and desiccated the voluptuous flesh
I offered it for its shiny reptilian eyes.

If it keeps on breathing fire, no traces of these beating words
spread on digital velum will remain.
These forlorn years of wisdom will be vain and the castles I built in
Spain will shake and collapse, return to dust like my father's bones.

© 2014 Walter Ruhlmann



You say you want me inside you but you donít know whatís inside me.
The roguery,
the erratic wolf craving for

Whatís happening inside ourselves always erupts and bursts outside, 
in the shades of some unfathomable shelters 
where we cherish the sheer moments of calm.

Now you're there, looking for me, absolutely nothing could reassure;
humming like I used to in the time when we blossomed.

The mountains encircle neuralgia,
clear water is springing from their flanks 
like dark blood is spurting from a corpse.

Nostalgia are at peace with themselves 
but they will never leave us unharmed.

Let's collapse in the deep corridors of mercy
and burrow ourselves in a chemical shroud, 
or a shredded duvet.

© 2014 Walter Ruhlmann



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